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Erotic massages and body-to-body massages have many types, but not all have a history of Nuru massage!

The incredible story of Nuru massage will mesmerize you!!!

A full-body massage is always relaxing and when it is an erotic one, things can be even more exciting. Nuru massage in Las Vegas will offer you supreme relaxation, satisfaction, and relief from daily stress.

Nuru, an erotic massage technique from Japan

Discover this fascinating practice that has become extremely popular around the world. You will have one of the most interesting and attractive adult leisure experiences. After a good, relaxing in the bath, it’s time for the massage itself.

The erotic massage happens on an inflatable and waterproof mattress so that all the Nuru gel applied are retained within the bodies and not get wasted on the mattress. To perform the massage, the masseuse will coat your body with a lubricant called nori. This is where the name of the Nuru massage comes from. 

Once your body is completely covered, the masseuse usually pours the lubricant on her breasts and on the belly. She then will lie down on you to rub your body sensually against her soft skin and perform a body to body massage.

After the massage is completed, and finally the ritual, you will have the choice between a blowjob and sex with penetration. Depending on your desire and comfort, this happy ending session can be done on the inflatable mattress or on a classic bed after a good shower.

Supreme sensation and a royal treatment

Enjoy this massage technique you will have incredible sensation. During this massage, eroticism is raised to maximum potential and the experience will be unique. The Nuru gel also has therapeutic properties and the relaxed feeling after the massage is too good.

We have specially designed massage room where you will have a royal treatment. All our massage babes are comfortable with outcall services and you can have a Nuru massage session in your hotel room. The massage girls will change your hotel room to an ideal massage room in minutes.

Today these massages come back to the style in Las Vegas thanks to our exclusive massage babes with great training and knowledge on Asian erotic massages. You will not get many massage babes with such authentic Nuru massage knowledge!

A massage full of rituals

Nuru massage is not only a technique of erotic massage, but it is also a form of art – a massage full of rituals. Every step is meticulously followed and give you a sensual spell. There are preliminary caresses and full-body attention with sensual touches. You will be first disrobed by a naked masseuse, followed by the application of the special Nuru gel. 

Experience the most seductive Las Vegas Nuru massage

Don’t waste any more time and schedule a session of Nuru massage from the hands of your dream massage girl. You will have a divine experience –  a form of out of the world pleasure and sensation. Explore the sexy erotic pleasure world in Las Vegas with the Nuru massage technique.

Reserve our Nuru Massage Girls and taste the difference

With our first-class Nuru massage service, you will be highly satisfied and happy after the session. With countless repeat visitors, our massage girls have a high demand from our loyal customers.

All thanks to our outstanding service and top quality we have achieved this reputation. We guarantee that our promises will be kept and you will not regret your choice of having a Nuru massage in Las Vegas. Book our massage girls now to enjoy unmatched Nuru massage.

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