Experience Exotic Asian Massage in Las Vegas 

Full body Asian massages are soothing and wonderfully relaxing for the body, skin, and soul. 

The Asian traditional massages are designed to help activate the self-healing powers. They serve to bring the possibly accumulated life energy in your body back into the flow, to overcome physical and mental blockages, and help your whole self to function optimally. 

The Asian full body massage with aromatic oil is a wellness massage that gives you inner peace, relaxation, and well-being. The massage will also enrich your sensual senses and produce an erotic spell.

Asian foot massage

This massage is different from ordinary foot massages. It is a wellness massage that promotes overall healing of your body. We use a unique technique where the energy of your body begins and ends on your feet. 

It is the root of life energy and through the activation of special points during the massage, we will help circulate, energize, and rebuild your life energy.

Head, neck, shoulder and back massage

Las Vegas Asian Massage has a special package to massage your head, neck, and shoulder. The blood circulation of your head and facial skin is promoted that in turn strengthen your nerves and sensory organs. This massage relaxes your head and neck area that gives a positive impact on the entire body. Treat your back to a soothing massage and have a relaxing time in Las Vegas.

Special ear candle massage

This unique massage technique uses the negative pressure generated by the ear candles. It ensures a liberating pressure change in the paranasal sinuses. It also stimulates the mucous secretion and supports the healing process. The massage is particularly fruitful if you suffer from cold and flu frequently. The ear candle massage offers a soothing and warming sensation with increased blood circulation.

Unique detox Massage

Experience the unique Asian detox massage therapy in Las Vegas from our massage girls. The detox massage is related to the lymphatic fluid system that transports the toxins from the cells into the bloodstream to expel them. 

If this flow gets interrupted, the body has low self-healing powers. Indications of a disorder include sleeping problems, muscle tension, tiredness, restlessness. 

The regular detoxification massage with high-quality essential oils is intended to improve the lymphatic circulation, stimulate the self-healing powers, and to reduce the syndromes or disorders associated with the accumulation of toxins. The massage ensures a mental and physical balance so that the body remains healthy.

Asian Nuru massage – the height of eroticism 

In Las Vegas, our massage girls also offer a Nuru massage service where a specific lubricant gel is added to your skin. The masseur uses her body (coated with Nuru gel as well) to perform the massage. It is a distinct Japanese erotic massage that brings great fun and sensual pleasure. They are experienced and skillful masseurs who know traditional Asian massages. They have a vast knowledge of different Asian massages and can offer you supreme enjoyment.

Asian Tantric massage – divine pleasure

It is another ancient Asian massage originated in India. This is an effective way to alleviate everyday tension. It’s one of the most powerful massages to relieve tiredness and flush your body with energy flows. Within minutes, stress and anxiety get released from your body and mind giving you a sense of immense relaxation. 

The professionals of the Tantric massage in Las Vegas will provide you with the perfect Tantric Massage. This will help you to purify your inner soul and release negative emotions by relieving anxiety and stress. We will give you complete relaxation, a mind free of stress, and spiritual solace to your mind and body.

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